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UFC golden goose Conor McGregor told the media that for him to come back to the cage, he’d need to be enticed with an extremely sweet offer – an offer that might have to include co-promoting with the UFC itself.

Now, this sort of talk might be career suicide if you were any other fighter, but McGregor is different. His time with the UFC has enabled him to make ridiculous amounts of money. But you know who else made money? The UFC. So if the number one MMA organization in the world wants someone to break them out of their pay-per-view slump, they know who to call – and have always been willing to call on him.

Besides, according to UFC boss Dana White, things always work out when it comes to dealing with McGregor.

As per MMAJunkie:

McGregor is a master at using the media to twist a narrative in his favor and put pressure on the UFC to make a move. White is fully understanding of the process and said he has complete confidence a deal will come together.

“As we go into negotiations with Conor there’s always all kinds of crazy stuff out there,” White said at today’s UFC 217 news conference. “We always get deals done with Conor. Conor has been easy to deal with, and we’ll get it done.”