The world of television is a tough one to break into. If you have a decent concept for a show, maybe a network will shell out the dough to hire a producer to film a pilot. Maybe. And if a pilot is filmed, it still has to get shown to a room full of programming executives, who will give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. A thumbs up means more episodes are ordered; you can guess what a thumbs down means.

The UFC skipped that whole process with the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, bankrolling and producing the whole thing itself, and when SpikeTV saw that it was a viable property… well, you know how the story goes.

It appears the UFC is at it again with a new series. Called “Dana White: Looking for a Fight”, the show is all about the UFC president hitting the road with buddy Nick “The Tooth” and Matt Serra, with the trio traveling the country scouting for talent.

The first episode is below. It’s engaging – obviously, Serra is hilarious, and when the gang goes alligator hunting and out to eat, the show invokes the travelogues of Anthony Bourdain.

I’d watch another episode.