The saga of Dana White trying to sign Fedor Emelianenko to a UFC contract seems to have come to an end. Speaking on ESPNRadio 1100 in Las Vegas, White had a one word response when asked if he still wanted to bring Fedor to the UFC after his upset loss to Fabricio Werdum last Saturday. That word: “Nope”.

White went on to dissect the viewer rate and attendance of the Strikeforce card that was headlined by Fedor and Werdum, saying that he feels Fedor lacks both star power and pay per view drawing power. According to White, the Strikeforce event had a meager 400,000 buy rate, and sold no tickets.

While White contends that Fedor is not marketable as a pay per view draw, he also cites Fedor’s recent loss as a reason why a Heavyweight fight against the UFC’s top contenders would not happen: “Now he should deserve to come into the UFC and fight the best? No way!” Fans wanting to see Fedor fight in the UFC will have to wait and see if Dana White changes his position on this issue in the near future. For now, it appears that the UFC and Fedor Emelianenko will remain separate entities in the mixed martial arts world.