If you are still in camp conspiracy, screaming fix between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, don’t mention that sentiment to UFC president Dana White. It’s still a sensitive subject. And why shouldn’t it be? Understandable, as the claim questions the legitimacy of the sport that he has dedicated his life to. It’s safe to say we won’t be seeing Sports Illustrated on press row anytime soon.

“Who is going to fix a fight by getting viciously knocked out? You know how stupid you have to be to even think that? You are an absolute moron.”

“Speaking of morons… Sports Illustrated had this group of people together and they were actually – SPORTS ILLUSTRATED – talked about, had this panel saying, ‘yeah, so I heard over the weekend, you know this fight might have been fixed.’

“First of all these people looked like they covered tennis, not fighting. And you could tell none of them even watched the fight. For somebody like Sports Illustrated, people who are supposed to be credible journalists, to go out and say something that stupid when they never even watched the fight, is just a testament to how bad reporting is getting these days. It’s more about the shock factor than the fact factor.”

“When you’re stupid, I’m coming after you.”