When you have a rough day, sometimes going out for a drink…or five makes everything better. UFC  president Dana White is no exception, as you can see in this picture he posted of him getting cozy with Olivia Munn. White’s day probably was pretty bad, due to the fact that yet again, Alistair Overeem’s surprise drug test came back with elevated levels of testosterone..ouch. Here’s what White had to say via Twitter about his night out on the town, and how the fans responded:

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
Me and my buddy @Oliviamunn are having a blast 2 nite no matter how shitty my day was!!!!!!!

RayMond ‏ @iNismoZ
@danawhite @oliviamunn you hitting that Dana? Nice

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
@iNismoZ @oliviamunn I would NEVER hit a woman :)

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
Forgot the pic with my girl @oliviamunn !!! Might be dr#*¥ and don’t give a [email protected]# :)

oliviamunn ‏ @oliviamunn
dude, this pic makes it look like I’m breast-feeding you. Its misleading, I admit… Ur my big brother & I love you.

Marco Di Meo ‏ @DiMeo19
@danawhite are you hammered right now?

Dana White ‏ @danawhite

D. Contreras ‏ @SanandDan
@danawhite @oliviamunn your both red!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
@SanandDan @oliviamunn alcohol :)

Bobby Vachio ‏ @BomberBobbyV
@danawhite @oliviamunn Your wife is gonna punch you in the dick bro!

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
@BomberBobbyV @oliviamunn nope!!

DK ‏ @PhinPhan33
are you honestly surprised Alistair failed the surprise test? Do you remember what this guy looked like when he fought Liddell???

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
are you honestly being a dick with an egg pic and no followers? F— u!!!!

Olen Young ‏ @brncoboostr
@danawhite @oliviamunn I hate you! I’m green with envy

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
@brncoboostr @oliviamunn I’m red with alcohol

James Peterson ‏ @19MMA19LFC
@danawhite @oliviamunn I bet you two are fun to hang out with

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
@19MMA19LFC @oliviamunn you are correct James

Matt Cumplido ‏ @mattcumplido
Dude aint you married? Lol.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite

Curtis Twichell ‏ @cjtwich16
Youre embarrassing yourself Dana

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
did I? F— u

Daniel Humire ‏ @dhumire
@danawhite @oliviamunn lol dana is so fucked up right now. He drowning his ufc 146 sorrows.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
@dhumire @oliviamunn true

kurt sutter ‏ @sutterink
@danawhite @oliviamunn um… me, next. please.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
@sutterink @oliviamunn bro, coolest person EVER and she loves ur show!!! Get her on it!!!!!

kurt sutter ‏ @sutterink
awesome. brawns and brains. i won’t say who’s who. gotta get you both on harleys in charming.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
we are in bro!!!!! She rides

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
that’s my baby!!!! Get her on Sons!!!!

mmanuel ‏ @ercampos7
dude this is lame, update us on fights , not on your love life, leave that to US weekly.

Dana White ‏ @danawhite
put ur real name and puc up u f—– idiot