Although Dana White recently relayed he’s thinking about cutting fight night bonuses, as a means to raise fighter compensation and perhaps silence critics, the UFC President will continue to hand out the awards for now. So, if you and your friends enjoy debating who deserves to win “Knockout or Submission of the Night”, it looks like you’ll be able to do so for at least the short term future.

White was asked about the status of the awards at a press conference Saturday, and the promoter stated (quote via MMA

“Before a decision like that is made, we’re going to talk to the fighters too. This isn’t something (UFC CEO) Lorenzo (Fertitta) and I are just going to say, ‘Yeah, this is what we’re going to do.’ We’re going to talk to a lot of fighters about it before we make those decisions.”

“I said, ‘This is what we’re thinking about doing,'” he said. “But I agree. I love giving the ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses. They’re awesome, and they change people’s lives.”

White’s proposal originally surfaced not long after UFC 162 competitor Tim Kennedy made headlines, by saying he’d make more emptying “trash cans” and referred to what fighter’s make as “pathetic.” The middleweight released a statement apologizing for the remarks, and also argued he was taken out of context. ┬áThe comments surfaced not long after ex-UFC competitors like John Cholish and Jacob Volkmann also criticized what the promotion pays.

So, bottom line, it looks like some fighters will be picking up an extra 50 grand in the coming weeks.

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