Dana White’s plans for ‘The Ultimate Fighter 14‘ to feature Chael Sonnen vs Michael Bisping look to have gone down the tubes as the CSAC recently refused to reinstate Sonnen’s fighting license. White makes the point, Tyson rips off an ear in a commissioned fight and gets a year suspension. Sonnen takes prescribed TRT and gets two years.

“I’m pretty bummed out about the Chael Sonnen thing, and the way this thing was handled. I don’t know if there has ever been a penalty laid down… I mean Tyson, when Tyson bit the ear, he got a year. It’s pretty crazy.”’

At last Wednesday’s hearing before the CSAC, Sonnen indicated that conversations with UFC president Dana White  led him to believe he would be “effectively retired” if he wasn’t relicensed.

“It’s not that he’d have to retire. But right now was his opportunity. This kid had the opportunity to coach The Ultimate Fighter, he had the opportunity to get a big fight set up. Should he win that fight, everybody knows what happened with Anderson Silva. This was a key moment in this kid’s career.”

“You’ve heard me say it for almost 11 years, we always support what the athletic commission says, but this kid got it stuck to him. He’s paid his dues in every way, shape and form, and I think he’s been treated a bit unfairly.”

Is the CSAC unjustly punishing Sonnen for trash talking the commission in the press?

Source: Heavy.com