“What a lot of people don’t realize is right now we are in 155 countries worldwide. In a half a billion homes, televisions throughout the world in 22 different languages.”

“We’ve been killin’ man, we’ve been flying all over the world. One of the things I’ve realized is that you look at the NFL right. Nothing’s bigger in this country than the NFL. I don’t care if you don’t watch one football game all season, everybody watches the superbowl. It’s huge, these guys have been spending billions of dollars try to break into these other countries, and it didn’t work. You know why? Because people didn’t grow up playing it, they don’t understand the rules.People aren’t invested in the teams, they will never care about the New England Patriots in England or any of these other places. Now I take two guys and I can put them in an Octagon and let them use any Martial Art they want, and it transcends all cultural barriers, all language barriers..”