UFC Undisputed 2010 will be battling it out with EA’s MMA later this year. Though EA’s MMA has not received a release date  (usually meaning end of the year) and the UFC Undisputed 2010 game will be released May 25th, 2010; Dana White is taking the challenge very serious.

Initially reports were that White let it be known that any UFC fighters in the EA game would be banned PERMANENTLY from the UFC.  Recently White has changed his tune, but promises he will destroy EA’s direct challenge. Dana White Quote:

“Nah, some people have crossed over. But believe me this is still going to continue to be a battle. …they’re the me-toos. The UFC game is the original game.”

“Let’s see how they do now. Their earnings reports just came out and they suck. This company that used to control the whole video game world and were these big fucking giants, we’ll see where they are in the next two years. And as as far as the MMA space goes, we’ll kick the living shit out of them.

“I talked to EA Sports about doing a Mixed Martial Arts game. They told us it’s not a real sport. First of all, they wouldn’t even take a meeting with us. They told us they would never do a game and now they’re coming out with a fucking game. Johnny come latelys. Me-toos.”

“If there’s anybody out there who is a UFC fan, you’re fucking nuts if you buy the EA game.”