When UFC president Dana White offers up his time for media scrums, he’s asked some interesting questions.

When will the promotion head to “Fill in the blank?” Or, “Why doesn’t so and so get a title shot?”

Another continually asked question surrounds fighters who have left the UFC for jobs elsewhere.

Case in point, last week while in Germany, White was asked about Rich Franklin taking a job with ONE FC in Asia as a vice president. The UFC boss has stated before that Franklin, a former champion, came to them and asked about the position and how they would react. Blessings were exchanged and Franklin is welcome back anytime.

Randy Couture, however, is not. And White explained his reasoning.

“All the guys that I’ve beefed with, the Randy Coutures and others,” White said. “Randy Couture doesn’t have the the balls to sit down face-to-face and talk to you about what he wants to do. He’ll actually lie to your face.”

White has said much the same before about Couture, who is a former champion and member of the Hall of Fame. “The Natural” signed a contract with Viacom, which broadcasts Spike TV and Bellator MMA.

“Randy looks like a great guy on paper,” White said. “The reality of it is he’s not. He’s not a good guy. You can ask everybody that’s ever dealt with him.”

Couture has branched out to acting, appearing in the film series “The Expendables,” which recently added Ronda Rousey to the cast.