Rampage A team

UFC President Dana White is fairly confident that his former light heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, will return to the Octagon despite his recent retirement to pursue an acting career.

Jackson is currently on the set of the popular throw back t.v. show “The A-Team,” playing the role of his childhood television hero, B.A. Barracus – played originally by Mr. T

Rampage was supposed to fight Rashad Evans at UFC 107 in Memphis, Tenn., on Dec. 12, which White says was an obligation for appearing as coach on “The Ultimate Fighter 10”. Scheduling conflicts with filming, made it impossible for Jackson to do both. He’s been very vocal about his reasons for leaving, even referring to his former employer as “assholes”. So will Jackson make a return to the cage just like his formerly exiled friend, Tito Ortiz, or will Rampage stand his ground in the Hollywood soup that is acting?

I for one am a huge fan of Rampage Jackson, and really want to see him get back in the cage. I believe he still has plenty of fight left in him and with a top contender spot so close within reach why not give it a go? I am pretty sure there were more stipulations and head-butting going on behind UFC closed doors than is being put out to the public that made Rampage’s decision to walk away from the UFC, but that’s just my opinion.

Dana White: “Yeah, I’m sure we will see [Jackson return]. Rampage is under contract with us and this is where he makes his money … so I’d say ‘yes.’ … Rampage committed to doing ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ — the highest rated season ever in the history of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ — and then he bails on the fight. There’s a big difference [for not being more agreeable with his decision].”