I have heard on MMA talk radio, and on various blogs and forums complaints from people concerning the years events from UFC. Obviously from casual fans that think just the handful of well known UFC superstars should grace every event in order for it to be a worthy PPV. Every true MMA fan knows that some of the best fights that have gone down in the cage were from those that are not quite as famous as the “A List” UFC names.

Example, just this past UFC PPV 106 Penn vs Sanchez, not an all star stacked card, but any true fan of the sport would agree it was a great show from start to finish. What the casual fan needs to understand is, this is real fighting, not the fake scripted world of WWE. The entertainment value from UFC comes from real fighters well known and not, getting in the cage and putting on a great fight. Whether its a slow technical match, or a fast paced striking match – the entertainment is a real life modern Colosseum style gladiator match-ups. Not every show is going to have a superstar involved, but you can bet your ass you will still see nothing but amazing fights. I can’t even think of a bad match from a UFC event. What other sport are you going to see – that many knock outs in one event? In boxing?! nope, never will happen.

UFC President Dana White, had this to say on the matter:

“In almost 10 years this stuff has never happened. [But] it’s part of the business. Trust me bro, guys getting injured and falling off, I got bigger problems than that everyday. Guess what, it’s our job to make other fights…. If you’re a fight fan and want to see good fights, how many bad fights have we really put on?… Our business hasn’t been affected one bit. If you’re a fight fan, I don’t know how you don’t think that that card is a great card…. Do we have the card stacked with all those A-list guys? No, but it’s a card stacked with great fights.”