Notorious for making bold statements, UFC President Dana White recently spoke with ESPN Radio and gave a dire prediction as to the fate of professional boxing. According to White, the lack of free televised fights is something that is making boxing all but obsolete. White noted that he was an avid boxing fan when it was on free television, but now that the majority of fights are on pay per view, it appears that “Nobody is going to stick their hand in their own pocket and spend their own money to save the sport of boxing.”

White seemed to have no animosity towards boxing, and mentioned that he was interested in becoming a boxing promoter prior to his teaming with the Fertitta brothers to acquire the UFC. However, White said he had the foresight to see the problems that boxing was facing, and ultimately chose mixed martial arts instead.

Perhaps the most significant moment of the interview was White’s quote that in the highly unlikely case that a Mayweather-Pacquiao superfight is made by November, “I’ll have done ten fights, and, I don’t know, maybe out of the ten fights, four of them will be on free TV.”

As for White’s opinion about the current state of boxing, he was blunt, to say the least: “My honest opinion of boxing is that boxing will go away.”