Once again, UFC president Dana White has been asked the same question he’s heard so many times before, “when will women come to the UFC?” But as usual, White had the same response, that there just isn’t enough top level women competitors in the sport of MMA.

Strikeforce, the UFC’s sister promotion, has recently begun having their women fighters headlining events. Most notably, Miesha Tate against Ronda Rousey, where Rousey snatched the title defeating Tate with a viscous armbar submission. Now,Rousey will be defending her title next against Sarah Kaufman, but White feels the talent stops with them, as there is no other female fighters close to their level.

“My thing with the female fighting is that I love Ronda Rousey, man,” said White, who’s had the Olympian and fan favorite at a number of recent UFC and Strikeforce events. “She’s as tough and as nasty as it comes. I love Ronda, but I think Ronda is one of those girls that’s up here. You have a lot of girls who compete in the sport that aren’t on her level.

It’s not about having women’s fights. It’s about having enough good women in a division.”

So fans, it looks as if we’ll have to continue our wait, and hopefully some fresh new talent comes out from some of all female organizations such as Jewels and Invicta. Until then, I think Rousey and Kaufman are doing a fine job.


Source: MMA Junkie