Unfortunately, as we come into 2013, homophobia is still an issue. Though it is not as prevalent as it may have been 20 years ago, I can only imagine the difficulty to be openly gay – especially in the lime light. UFC president Dana White agrees with these sentiments and has been encouraging fighters to ‘come out’ if they are in fact gay. Come UFC 157, history will not just be made in the first female fight in the UFC, but the first openly gay fighter in the octagon, top contender Liz Carmouche.

Here’s what White had to say about the first female fight including the first gay fighter.

“There’s a lot of gay athletes out there and actors and actresses. It takes a brave person to come out and admit it because they’re always afraid of what it’s going to do to their career or how people are going to treat them afterwards. I love what she did. I know I have the big ‘homophobe’ persona and people think I’m some homophobe. I’m the furthest thing from it. I think it’s ridiculous it’s 2013 and the government tells two people they can’t marry each other. Who is the government to tell two people who say they love each other they can’t be married? It’s ridiculous. I applaud that she came out and that she’s the first one. Good for her. I hope more do. It doesn’t bother me one bit. Shouldn’t bother anyone else either.” – Via MMAFighting.com

White may be opposing a conservative demographic with his comments, but he now welcomes in a new generation of liberal fans that come with female fighting. Carmouche is not the only openly gay female fighter, as the openness of sexual orientation has not been an issue in the female MMA culture, as well as many other female sports. Hopefully the views taken by White leads to further acceptance of different beliefs without judgement.