Last night former UFC heavyweight champ and current WWE superstar Brock Lesnar put to bed once and for all the rumors that he might be returning to the Octagon (he ain’t, folks). That news sucks for the fans who have been clamoring for the gigantic wrestler to return, and it sucks for the UFC suits who were hoping for a boost in fighter star power. And yet, apparently Dana White is cool with it.

Of course, White’s brave face before the camera doesn’t mean a small part inside of him died at the news – a part that knew full well how much pay-per-view revenue a Brock Lesnar-return bout would’ve generated. But alas, it’s better to have no Brock in the Octagon than one whose heart isn’t 100% in the game.

And as we’ve all seen, a Brock whose heart isn’t 100% in the game gets slaughtered in the cage by Alistair Overeem.