Just as we heard as part of St-Pierre’s reasoning for his break — there’s always a contender ready to challenge the champ. During the UFC 168 conference scrums, Dana White dropped a lot of insight on the UFC in 2014. From hinting at Lesnar’s return, to top contenders that are next in line for their shot at the belt. Let’s start with the obvious one and the one that is most relevant to UFC 168, the next middleweight contender. Vitor Belfort.

“Vitor Belfort has earned the right to face the winner of Saturday’s main event. He’s next in line, said White. No doubt about it.”

With his list of viscous knockouts as of late, Belfort is a no-brainer for the organization. Despite his controversial TRT use, people want to see “The Phenom” dominate or detonate.

Next in the line should be obvious as well. The top female bantaweight contender should be none other than the women who earned the shot — Cat Zingano. Following her decision victory over former Strikeforce champ Miesha Tate, Zingano had earned her title fight and TUF coaching duties. Unfortunately, an injury kept Kat from the party. Not for long however.

“She’s doing good and hopefully she stays healthy and we can get her back by summer. She’s the number one, she’s numero uno.”

The last verified contender has an impressive list of victories and has been dominant as of late. He also brings a new set of challenges to the current heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez; his submission game. That would be none other than Brazil and Mexico’s Fabricio Werdum.

“We met with him a couple weeks ago, I think he understood where we were on that thing and we wanted him to fight.