Boston native Dana White, like most, is disgusted with the acts carried out on April 15, bombing the popular Boston Marathon. Keeping his word, White recently flew down to his hometown with Zuffa llc. owner Lorenzo Fertitta to help aid those affected by the dastardly act by making large donations to recovery programs. During interviews on the subject, White was quick to turn to angered emotions.

“From a guy who’s walked those streets and been there at the finish line so many times, it really freaked me out. I have a hard time talking about it. How cowardly and disgusting that these people, who lived in the city as long as they did, did that. To put the bag right next to kids, I don’t even like talking about it. I brought checks and I got money. The UFC donated, I donated personally, the Fertitta brothers donated personally, and FOX donated. I was really happy about that.” – Via Boston Globe

With one of the bombers killed and the other standing trial, recent developments revealed college friends of the accused, attempting to help cover up evidence. They have since been arrested as well and will stand trial. One for lying to a police officer and delaying the case — the other of attempting to hide material evidence in a landfill.