Dan Henderson is rematching with Michael Bisping at UFC 204, and supposedly, even though Bisping has the belt and Henderson knocked him out pretty spectacularly before, no matter what the result Henderson will retire. Which is fine, as the dude’s older than time itself, and has a long, illustrious career.

He does have on regret, though. Remember when he was supposed to fight Jon Jones, but got injured and the whole freakin’ event (UFC 151) got canceled?

As per MMAFighting:

But as Henderson prepares for one improbable final crack at gold at UFC 204 next month when he meets middleweight champion Michael Bisping, there’s still one fight which he regards as the one that got away: Jon Jones.

“There’s only one that really, Jon Jones, you know?” Henderson said. “I trained to fight him, got ready to fight him, got hurt and I didn’t get a chance to test myself against him, you know? That would have been a fun moment to see how I do against Jon Jones. He’s since then done even better. He’s screwed up a little, too, but he’s still arguably the best pound for pound guy out there.”