The news just keeps on rolling in. We heard last night on UFC Tonight that UFC match-makers already have a match in mind for Dan Henderson, after a lackluster three-round chess match at UFC 157 against Lyoto Machida. Who else would be a perfect opponent besides another fellow perennial light heavyweight coming of an uninspiring loss than Rashad Evans.  With one line from the UFC president you get an insight .

“If any fight happens, it’ll probably be Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson,” said White.

Recently, it was revealed by Dan Henderson’s training partner Tarec Saffiedine that Hendo went into his last bout injured. The former Strikeforce champ was also recently sidelined from his title fight against Jon Jones for a torn MCL and forced to take a lengthy layoff. Saffeidine would not verify if it was the same injury, but we can hopefully see a recovered and more explosive Henderson in the proposed match-up.

Former champ Rashad Evans has been said to have lost the hunger he once had after losing his title shot to former training partner Jon Jones, according to UFC president Dana White. After losing the uneventful fight against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 156, it is apparent that we did not have the same man that once held the title in the cage that night. Whether it was a factor of ‘drive,’ untold injuries, or just too long of layoff, we can hope that both warriors bounce back with a huge win in the near future.