Dan Henderson is old. And since TRT is now banned, that oldness is going to be playing a serious factor in his future performances. In fact, beyond his fight on Sunday at UFC Fight Night 38, which will see him rematch with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua while still on that precious testosterone sauce, the version of “Hendo” we may see going forward will be one that requires a walker to get around the cage, all the while muttering things like, “Whippersnapper!” and “Get off my damn lawn!”

In the video below, the former Strikeforce and PRIDE FC champ addresses the very issue of his TRT-less future, along with a bunch of other topics. Watch it, and then make a mental note of if you think Henderson should keep fighting or retire. Then, on Monday morning, after he and Shogun have done their dance, ponder that same question and see if your answer has changed.