The next installment of the UFC’s new video series “UFC Embedded” is out, and like the first edition, this one features Dan Henderson, Daniel Cormier and Dana White in the run-up to this weekend’s UFC 173.

So what other insight do we get into the co-main eventers and UFC president’s life?

For both Henderson and Cormier, we get a portal into their family lives, with “Hendo” chilling with his wife and kids and “DC” checking out a New Orleans-flavored street fair in San Antonio, T.X. Then it’s off to work for the duo, as they’re stuck doing the media rounds – which, in this instance, is a pair of radio interviews where they’re cordial and friendly to each other.

As for White, well… he is really irked by having his toiletries kept in a Ziploc bag. Really irked.

Check it out.