Following the UFC’s announcement that fan favorite Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy would be unable to compete at the upcoming UFC on Fox 7 card against Matt Brown, the brash Brit took to Twitter to clear the air.

@DanHardyMMA: Wolf heart = two heart beats. It’s an evolutionary enhancement and the commission see it as an unfair advantage.

To further explain what Hardy is referring too, it is Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. A heart condition in which there is an abnormal extra electrical pathway of the heart. The condition can lead to episodes of rapid heart rate, which is why the athletic commission could not approve Hardy [cite].

Since the unfortunate news, Hardy has seemed to keep high hopes as he apologizes to the fans and jokes about the condition. There is currently treatment available, which includes open heart surgery and or antiarrhythmic drugs. From the sound of recent comments from his management, they are currently waiving their options as to what they would like to do going forward.  Either way, we wish Hardy a speedy recovery and hope the best for one of the top entertainers in the division.

Via Bloody Elbow:

“The thing is, the doctors didn’t say anything about fixing the problem. They say they want to study me, which basically means putting tubes into the arteries in my leg and my neck, so they can study my heart. Usually, when people have this, they have one, main heartbeat, and then they have two or three weaker electrical connections that are kind of sporadic. Sometimes it can cause a panic attack or palpitations.

The problem with me, is that I have my main heartbeat, then I have the secondary heartbeat, which is almost as strong as the main one. It’s kind of an odd situation. They might be able to go in and fix it, by burning it out, but if it’s too close to the main heartbeat, they can’t touch it. I’m very much of the opinion, ‘If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.’

If it was determined that I shouldn’t or couldn’t fight anymore, you know, there would be a transitional period, and in that middle ground, there may be something I could do to help the sport in another way, and if that’s through the UFC, I would love it.”