Dan Hardy talks about his upcoming fight against Georges St. Pierre at UFC 111, and seems a little overly confident…

“He knows what’s coming. He knows there’s a left hook with his name on it and at some point in the 25 minutes I’ll land it. I’m expecting him to take me down. At some point in the fight I’ll end up on my back and I’ll fight from it. When you’re fighting GSP you accept at some point you’re going to get taken down, but now GSP has to expect that when he fights me he’s going to get hit in the face over and over again.”

He does seem aware of that fact though that even if he does win the bout against GSP, he won’t gain respect overnight from the MMA world.

“I’m always the underdog. Every fight I go into nobody thinks I’m going to win. Even after I beat GSP and take the belt, it’s going to take four or five fights to prove I’m the champion. I’m going to go in there and do everything I can to take the belt off him and whatever happens, so be it, but I’m confident I can win.”

Confidence is good Mr.Hardy…but cockiness is not.