Cris “Cyborg” Santos apparently got some ‘tweet-rage’ last night when she went on a Twitter tirade aimed at her nemesis and possible future opponent Ronda Rousey.

The source of Santos’ ire was comments made by UFC president Dana White on UFC Tonight where he said “Cyborg” wasn’t interested in taking on Rousey.

“What I get out of this is that she wants nothing to do with Ronda Rousey,” White told UFC Tonight. “We don’t have a 145 lbs women’s division, so I don’t know how this is going to end up.”

If White’s aim was to light a fire under Cris “Cyborg” then he may consider his objective complete, as the former Strikeforce women’s champion made her feelings known on the social network.

“I am not afraid of Ronda! I will fight her anywhere and anytime for free – everyone knows I barely make 145 but I am willing to sacrifice and meet her half way at 140 [pounds]. I can’t believe Dana says I want nothing to do with Ronda. What he wants me to do is fight Ronda with both hands tied behind my back or comatosed, so that she can have a chance which is what making me fight at 135 is.

“To finally shut everyone up I will fight Ronda with one hand tied behind my back at 140 lbs. and still kick her ass and prove that I’m the real champ not her and let the winner take ALL; come on Ronda step up bitch!”

Phew. While one must sympathize with “Cyborg” in that she would clearly struggle to make the required weight to fight Rousey in the UFC, it has also been put to her camp that the UFC will offer the services of uber-nutritionist Mike Dolce who has claimed to be the only man who can help Santos make that weight safely and healthily.

Dana may merely be in the initial promotional stages of a potential women’s superfight between Rousey and Santos also. Rousey herself replied in brief on Twitter herself, posting:

“You can wait your turn. Or make your turn.”

We’ll keep you posted as this feud continues to escalate.