Cung Le has been a hero to many throughout his martial arts career.

Back in the 1990’s, he helped put the Chinese fighting system San Shou on the world’s martial arts radar. The 2000’s saw his championship kickboxing bouts televised worldwide, and then in 2006 he transitioned to mixed martial arts competitions, where he makes his return tomorrow at UFC Ultimate Fight Night 48.

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But the Vietnam-born, Bay Area-raised Le may have became a different kind of hero to many last week, as he visited his land of birth to donate to youth in need.

“I spent my day off going to this orphanage that’s part of a temple,” Le said to Mike Bohn of MMA Junkie. “Basically, instead of taking money from my sponsors, I spent the money and got a ton of rice and toys and candy, and gave the abbot there the rest of my money.”

Very humbling experience on our visit to this Buddhist temple that has a big children's orphanage. I am even more grateful for all that I have.

The abbot takes in impoverished children with special needs. Le described the visit on his Instagram page as “humbling experience,” noting: “I am more grateful for all that I have.”

Another Instagram post offers a brief video of the day, with Le noting: “I felt like a hung out with an angel.”

“He only takes kids who are abandoned,” Le said. “A lot of the kids have issues; whether it’s nerve damage or brain swelling. It was something amazing for me to see.”

Le also trained at Saigon Sports Club in Saigon before traveling to China to prepare for tomorrow’s fight.

Le faces Michael Bisping in the main event of UFC Fight Night in Macau, China tomorrow. Caged Insider will have coverage beginning tomorrow morning, 9:00 AM EST/6:00 AM PST.