Round 1: Right leg kick from Swanson who almost lands a right. Both exchanging in the center, with Swanson throwing some heavy shots. Takedown attempt from Poirier is of no use as Swanson brings them back to the center. Lots of kicks here in the opening stanza. Great foot work on display as both attack each other’s legs. Both very active on the feet. Head kick from Swanson is checked as Poirier takes it to the fence with the underhooks. Back in the center Swanson lands a good body punch and a huge uppercut. Poirier looks rocked but gets the takedown and has a chance to regain his composure. Good work on the top from Poirier with the round dying down but Swanson gets back up and lands in the dying seconds to close out the round. Not sure here. I’ll go 10-9 Poirier only for his ground control.

Round 2: Swanson will want to land that right again in this round. Hands down from Swanson is enticing Poirier forward. Flying knee from Swanson to go with his body shots. Poirier lands some good leg kicks either side of a good left from Swanson. Poirier takes it back to the cage looking for a takedown with the double leg. Swanson defending well widening his base before escaping back to the center of the cage. Good straight from Swanson who lands a couple more decent shots but Poirier gets a gorgeous double leg counter takedown. Swanson attacks with an unorthodox omaplata but they end up standing again. Another takedown attempt at the cage from Poirier as Swanson tries for a Kimura. They retake the center as Poirier lands a good combo to see out the round. Another toughie. I’ll go with Poirier again, 10-9. So 20-18 overall (though I’m not at all confident in this).

Round 3: Poirier starts with a one-two. Swanson throws a high kick and slips back drawing the takedown attempt from Poirier against the cage. Swanson has defended the double leg from the clinch well thus far. Poirier landing some big shots including solid left. Swanson continues to drop his hands. BIG double leg takedown from Swanson this time with three minutes left of the fight. He throws some short elbows before transitioning to the back mount, sinking in the hooks. Poirier defends well enough but can’t shrug Swanson off. Poirier tries to stand with Swanson still on his back like a rucksack. They fall to the mat as Swanson gets the full mount. They end up back on their feet as Poirier looks to be slowing down. Swanson lands again as he retakes Poirier’s back with an arm trapped. Less than 30 seconds left. He’s looking for an armbar but not enough time left. Poirier ends up on top to see out the round. Brilliant fight. Best of the night so far easily. I give the third round to Swanson 10-9, and the fight to Poirier 29-28.

Cub Swanson def. Dustin Poirier via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)