The Dominator,” Dominick Cruz (19-1) continues his reign as bantamweight champion, receiving the judges nod against “Mighty Mouse,” Demetrious Johnson (9-2) at UFC Live on Versus. The victory did not come with ease as the champion was tested by a faster paced fighter.  Here is the live play by play.

Round One:
The two come full speed, but Johnson looks to be a step faster. Johnson stuffed on the takedown attempt. Cruz gets a throw from the under-hooks. Cruz  transitions to side-control. Johnson pulls butterfly guard, and starts working off the fence and stands. Johnson pushes forward and misses a headkick and is take down. Cruz gets side control again. Cruz takes the back but Johnson slips to stand. Johnson gets the takedown, but Cruz springs up. Cruz lands some knees in the clinch and Johnson gets away quickly. Cruz is actually breathing harder with mouth open as round ends. gives the round to Johnson

Round Two:
Johnson comes out landing a combo. Cruz gets the takedown against the fence. Cruz throws a knee and Johnson uses his momentum to spin him around. They reset and Cruz lands a knee to the stomach. Cruz gets him to the fence and Johnson is doing a good job reversing again. Johnson changes levels but unsuccessful. Cruz tries to work the outside striking but unable to land on faster Johnson. Johnson gets the takedown, but again Cruz bounces up into the butterfly guard of Johnson. gives the round to Johnson

Round Three
Johnson lands a jab. Cruz responds with his own Cruz. Cruz gets the takedown from the back and flattens him. Johnson is in  all kinds of trouble as Cruz tightens up. Johnson spins twice and shockingly escapes! Cruz now looking at the clock tired gets the takedown into Johnson’s butterfly guard. Cruz looks to be holding Mighty Mouse against the fence to get the round. Demetrious slips out and standing to end the round. gives the round to Cruz

Round Four
Cruz feints knee. Johnson lands a low leg kick causing Cruz to slip momentarily to the mat. Cruz again gets the takedown against the fence and lands into the half guard. Cruz moves to full mount. Now to the body by Cruz. Johnson gets it to guard and is working up against the cage. Johnson pushes forward with a landed kick to the ribs. Cruz again gets the takedown against the fence but Johnson kicks him off and stands. gives the round to Cruz

Round Five
The two lap hands and Johnson is now in super speed mode. Dominick catches the back and gets a suplex on Johnson. Cruz works at holding Johnson down from the guard. Johnson works to the cage and wall walks up. Johnson is throwing legs, elbows, punches. Johnson pushes forward all the way across the cage and Cruz gets the hip toss. Johnson comes forward again and we see another hip toss by Cruz. Cruz gets the takedown and quickly moves to full mount and Johnson gives his back. Johnson shakes him off and rushes forward to be taken down a last time to end the fight. gives the round to Cruz

Official: Dominick Cruz defeats Demetrious Johnson via Unanimous Decision (50-45, 49-46, 50-45)

Cruz now holds ten straight victories in mixed martial arts, and completes his second straight UFC title defense since his inauguration from WEC. Next in line for Cruz is likely the winner of Urijah Faber vs. Brian Bowles. Should Faber defeat Bowles, Cruz will be fighting the only man to defeat him once again to complete their trilogy.