Following lawsuit actions taken by UFC parent company Zuffa LLC. against individuals streaming live pay-per-view events on streaming services, the popular tech media site CrunchGear decided to do their own research on the availability of illegal re-broadcasted mma events to the online community.

Their findings were that it is still as easy as it always has been to either find it streaming live or to download in high quality following the event. The media outlet went on to say that if the UFC would like to combat the problem, they should start by lowering the pay-per-view cost. Disclaimer:We at do not condone the streaming or downloading of copy-written content.

From CrunchGear:

High-quality copies of the event have already spread to various BitTorrent sites.

Bottom line is, streams are still out there. For how long that remains the case—there’s another UFC pay-per-view at the end of this month—is completely unknown.

Zuffa can subpoena whomever it wants, and it has every right to do so, but there will always be communities devoted to watching its events for free, either via a live stream (the quality of which will only improve in the years ahead) or via a download after the event finishes.

If I can make one suggestion: lower the price of the official Zuffa PPV stream. Fouty-five dollars for an Internet stream is a little on the high side, don’t you think? For that you’re almost better off paying the $60 for an HD PPV feed from your cable or satellite provider, or going out to a bar or restaurant and making a “night out” of it.

That, of course, only speaks to the PPV situation here in the U.S. I have no idea how UFC works in, say, Australia. (Though I do know the events are shown for free on ESPN in the UK, so that’s neat.)

Source: CrunchGear