Croatian MMA and kickboxing legend Mirko Cro Cop has posted his views on Facebook recently, giving his thoughts on the outcome of the Alistair Overeem and Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva fight last weekend at UFC 156 in Las Vegas.

Cro Cop didn’t hold back, discussing his initial predictions for the fight, focusing heavily on Alistair Overeem’s history of performance enhancing drug usage, citing the Dutchman’s recent altered physique due to heaving monitoring on him from the NSAC.

“I wasn’t surprised by Silva’s victory at all and I had believed he would win,” said Cro Cop on the social network. “I don’t want to come off as a smart-ass or say I knew it all along, so I’ll explain why I’d believed so. First, Silva is a big tough guy with a huge heart who had demolished Fedor and he needs no better reference than that, and Alistair hugely underestimated him and belittled him with his arrogant statements, so this mobilized Silva in the best possible way. Second, Silva is a natural heavyweight, and Alistair – for the first time since way back in 2007, when he began to gain huge weight – fought without the drugs he had used constantly for years, including testosterone and all the other shit that goes with it.

“Watching the weigh-in, I saw that his muscles mass was nowhere near his usual, he had the weight, but he wasn’t nearly as carved out and defined, since he couldn’t take anything because he was watched by the Athletic Commission. This also reflects on the psyche of a man who’s been using stuff to increase his strength, endurance, pain tolerance and aggressiveness for years, and now there was none of that. Alistair is an excellent fighter, but he still owes that excellence to something that’s dirty and unpermitted, and, in the end, very dangerous to health.

“I don’t think he was concerned by that, he wanted success at any cost. And the third thing is, Alistair had behaved so arrogantly that someone needed to put him back in his place. His belittling of Silva was repulsive, saying that after beating up Silva he’d go for the belt, and at the weigh-in and entering the arena he acted like he invented the fighting sport, and he’s been behaving with so much arrogance lately that I’m glad Silva put him back in his place and taught him a lesson!

“Congratulations Silva, from the heart!”

Harsh though he may be in his comments on Overeem, Cro Cop does make some valid points regarding Overeem’s arrogance, and also his obviously changed physique at the weigh-ins on Friday night. Maybe such a demoralizing and dramatic defeat will bring Overeem back down to earth and make him realize he can’t take anybody in the UFC heavyweight division for granted, which he seemingly did with ‘Bigfoot’.