Cris Cyborg has wanted a fight against Ronda Rousey for forever, but the Brazilian is a little too big and a little too dangerous for the woman who undeniably made women’s MMA what it is today.

On the one hand, the argument can be made that if Cyborg can’t come down to 135, then Rousey has no obligations to face her. On the other hand, you can fault Cyborg for trying to goad the former champ into a fight – everyone likes money, and Cyborg would get a ton of it just for simply stepping in the cage with her.

Regardless of where you fall on the above spectrum, you have to admit that Cyborg’s barbs are getting pretty amusing. For example, the Instagram post below.

Are you ready to buy the Cyborg Vs Rousey PPV? I’m Ready to fight Ronda Rousey. Dana has said she is “willing” to fighter ht. It’s the promoters job to make the biggest fights for the fans at the time the most people want to watch them. If you are a fan and want to see this fight, now is the time to let the UFC and Dana know. I have already done 5 fights on my UFC contract–they know I can’t make 135. I have done 2 fights at 140. I want to defend my belt. If the promoter is unable to make this fight, I can not hold my career and the 145 division forever waiting. Você está pronto para comprar PPV Cyborg Vs Rousey? Isso é trabalho dos promotores dar aos fãs as lutas que eles querem ver! Os grandes promotores, são capazes de dar as maiores lutas para os fãs quando eles são mais relevantes. Eu estou pronto para lutar. Dana diz Ronda Rousey “disposta que quer muito essa luta. Já fiz 5 lutas no meu contrato com o UFC – eles sabem que eu não posso fazer 135. Eu fiz 2 lutas em 140. Eu quero o defender o meu cinturão. Se o promotor não é capaz de fazer essa luta, eu não posso segurar minha carreira. Irei voltar a minha divisão 145lbs que está à minha espera.

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