As we watch Ronda Rousey on this season Ultimate Fighter, we can see why she is in no hurry to film another season. As always, there is two sides of the story — unfortunately the side we’ve seen so far has left many fans with the assumption that Team Rousey is causing drama. Whether it’s the truth or not, Rousey’s  possible future adversary, Cris “Cyborg” Justino (formerly Santos) sounds off on her thoughts of Rouseys appearance on TUF, during The MMA Hour.

“Ronda is a little mentally sick. Miesha is more focused. I don’t know if that’s because Ronda is younger, more competitive. The mental aspect can affect her, but what makes you win inside the Octagon is training. The better prepared fighter will win. Everybody knows what Ronda does and I believe Miesha will come more prepared this time. Unfortunately, everybody knows what she’ll do and still let her do it. I’m watching the TUF season, and I believe Miesha has more weapons to defeat Ronda. But I don’t really care who wins this fight, though.”

One reason that Santos should care as to who wins is that it is a bigger payday for Santos, should she take on her nemesis Rousey in a title fight. The two have a long past of trash talk that would make for an intriguing countdown. First things first, we would need Justino to cut weight and make her way over to the UFC.