Unless something else dramatic happens, we might have squeezed all the juice out of this particular Cris Cyborg-punching-Angela Magana lemon. Which is fine by me, ’cause both ladies were in the wrong, and it’s best if we all just forget this episode ever happened.

Anyway, according to TMZ, Cyborg was charged with misdemeanor battery for socking Magana in the word-hole.

Cops say Magana — a 33 year old UFC strawweight — transported herself to the hospital and was treated. According to the narrative, a doctor at the hospital diagnosed A.M. with an “acute head injury, cervical strain, and laceration of the lip.”

She returned to her hotel room and called cops.

Magana told police the fight sparked over comments that were made on social media.

Since the incident, A.M. has gone on a Twitter rampage against Cyborg … “I was the victim of roid rage today. Hope it was worth your job. Sue happy lawyers hitting me up left and right now #Cyborg”

Cops say they also spoke with UFC fighter Bec Rawlings … who verified Angela’s story.

Police made contact with Cyborg, but she did not want to give her side of the story. She was cited for battery and will have to appear in court.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian has released a statement, which rambles, but reads in part:

“When disparaging comments are made at the top, it sets an example that it is acceptable within the company,” Cyborg wrote, “allowing lower ranking individuals to continuing following examples of leaders, establishing the culture and practices of the company. It is no secret I have been a victim of online bullying.”

“At times in my career it has felt like their has been a team of writers using the internet to shape the public’s vision of my company’s brand, often attempting to make me look like the face of anabolic abuse in the sport of MMA,” she continued. “While it has been years since someone has said I looked like ‘Wanderlia [sic] Silva in a dress’, it doesn’t feel that long ago that I was listening to someone give me advice on how cutting off my dick would help me to make 135 pounds easier.

“When people see these actions of people high profile in the company being promoted through social media without consequence or even a public apology, they see it as an acceptable behavior within the company, and often view it as an encouraged opportunity at self promotion. It should never be acceptable for a company to allow their employees to develop a culture where sexual harassment, racial prejudices, or female discrimination are acceptable in the work place.”