This isn’t the first time that this specific “fan” and or Brazilian media member has pulled some “sneaky” acts in order to threaten Anderson Silva’s opponent. Chris Weidman tells the story of a crazed fan, which had to be removed by security, as he was identified as the same man that attempted to attack Chael Sonnen in the recent past.

“Some Brazilian guy, and I guess he was a problem for Chael too, he’s really a media guy, but I guess he’s sneaky. He went to where the fans were, he didn’t have a camera or anything like that. I just signed something for him … then all of the sudden he’s like, ‘Do me a favor and lose in the first round.’ Then I find out this guy is a problem. He was waiting out front. I guess he tried to like stab the jeans of Chael Sonnen. He didn’t try to stab me, but he was guilty of being a guy who could have possibly stabbed me. Security took care of him. They got rid of him.”

Yes, the situation ended with a simple sweep by security — but what if it wasn’t in the UFC’s reach? Before you scoff at this story as nothing, remember we’ve heard of celebrities falling victim to ‘crazed fans’ time and time again. John Lennon is today still echoed as a remembrance for me personally. Should Chris Weidman truly be the man to stop Anderson, it is probably wise that Weidman get a restraining order against this “super fan.”