Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone was in rare form today on a media conference call.

The lightweight standout, fresh off a dominant win over the previously undefeated Myles Jury this past Saturday, was recently announced to be stepping as an injury replacement to fight Benson Henderson — in just two weeks.

Henderson, a former UFC Lightweight Champion, was originally to face Eddie Alvarez at UFC Fight Night 59 in Boston on January 18. But Alvarez has had to step away due to injury, and a bold “Cowboy” is answering the call.

Cerrone was first inquired by Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports as to what effect would coming back to fight so quickly have on his body. In particular, how would making a second drastic weight cut effect him?

Cerrone answered dryly, “I don’t have an answer for you. Probably damaging, I’m sure. So is cocaine and alcohol, so I think it’s a little less.”

Iole mentioned that Cerrone had fought Henderson before. Would that make it easier to prepare?

Cerrone: “Prepare? S–t, I don’t even have enough time to prepare a cake! What are you talking about, prepare? I’m just going in fighting. I’ve got enough time to cut weight. There will be no game planning that we know… just fight!”

Cerrone later would describe Henderson as “a good dude” and “a friend of mine.” But while he lost twice to “Bendo” in years past, he was confident and “looking forward to coming out and whipping the s–t out of him.”

“I wouldn’t have taken this fight on short notice — one, if I wasn’t loony, and two, if I didn’t think I could beat Ben.”

Audio for the conference call is available at MMA Fight Corner.