Call him the lone ranger. Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone has no qualms about putting hands on team-mates or even close friends in the cage. During a recent interview with Pro MMA Radio, Cowboy spoke on the recent split in camp created by Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans. Through it all, Cerrone has decided to take Evans’ side in the split.

“I still am, 100 percent (Rashad’s friend). Every day, I would walk in and say, ‘I’m team Rashad.’ It was just like that, I wear everything on my sleeve, I say how it is and I talk right to people. I would tell Jon (Jones), ‘I’m team Rashad, man. That’s my boy, that’s my brother.’ And Jones is cool man, he is a cool dude. I have no hard feelings. I go out with him and hang all the time and I train with him. It’s not like I would take his training and tell Rashad, I wouldn’t go that far. But he is like, ‘I respect the fact that you were friends with Rashad before you met me and that you’re sticking by your boy, and I respect that.’

Cowboy went on, adding the possibility of fighting his good friend and room-mate, Leonard Garcia or even training partner Clay Guida with no issues.

As for me, I will fight anyone. I will fight anybody. I would fight Leonard (Garcia), and I live with him. Does that answer your question? I would fight Clay (Guida), and he will still be my boy. I mean, this is what we do, we’re professionals and there is going to come a time when teammates are going to have to fight. That’s just the way it goes.”

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