Court McGee has had a rough couple years since joining the UFC. He picked up a submission win over Kris McCray to win the Ultimate Fighter, and there was another win over Ryan Jensen, but then he was forced to take a year off due to injury. Fighting only once in 2011, he took out Dongi Yang, and heading into 2012 he already wanted to cut down to the welterweight division.

“I’ve been anticipating the weight cut for a year, year-and-a-half. I was going to do it prior to my fight in Australia, but we ended up not doing it because we got offered the fight. Then, the next fight came up, so we postponed (the weight cut) again. After this last fight in Calgary, we called up Joe (Silva) and told him I have to cut down to 170.”

In fact, McGee admitted to having to bulk up to fit into the middleweight division for his last couple of bouts, because with constant years of training he has slowly lost weight. The move to welterweight was only a matter of time. He admitted to trying to make it earlier, but he could not pass up the prospect of a fight.

Now McGee is renewed in his effort to capture some of the momentum he had coming of the Ultimate Fighter win in his new weight class. Josh Neer will be his first opponent, and despite losses in his last two bouts, Neer is a very durable veteran who is dangerous no matter where the fight goes. McGee may not know that though.

“I don’t ever watch a ton of footage. I watched him fight Nick Diaz, that was the only fight I watched. I leave it to my coaches to watch.  A lot of times, I don’t know what’s good for me to work on, so that’s why I have those coaches.”

The drop in weight will allow McGee to put the pressure he is known for on his opponents easier. He will of course still be the same type of fighter, and try “beating a hole in their face” like he always does. You will never see McGee trying to karate kick anyone or be like Anderson Silva, because according to him he is “not that guy.”  While he is never one to game plan, McGee knows what he has to do to be impressive, because in his eyes all he has to do is “put this dude [Josh Neer] out” to erase the memory of his last two losses.

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