Now that Daniel Cormier is headed down to light-heavyweight, after cruising to a win over Roy Nelson at UFC 166, the question fans have been asking is “who’s next?” The consensus hope seems to be Alexander Gustafsson of course, since champion Jon Jones is set to battle Glover Teixeira sometime in early 2014.

Immediately following his latest win Cormier said he was interested in fighting “The Mauler” next, but relayed he wasn’t too keen on traveling to Sweden to fight Gustafsson (as the UFC has said that’s where the light-heavyweight will scrap next). Now, in a follow up interview witth MMA Radio, Cormier expanded on why he’s really not down with fighting Gustafsson overseas.

“By all means, if it was Alexander Gustafsson, with the momentum that he’s built after that fight, I would love it,” Cormier said. “With that being said, it will be my first time going down to 205. Alexander Gustafsson is fighting in Europe, and I do not want to make my first weight cut overseas.”

“I think that’s valid because I’ve wrestled my whole life,” Cormier said. “I know how much harder it is to make weight overseas than it is in the United States. In the U.S., all the food that I’m going to need is easily accessible. There are 24-hour grocery stores. If I miscalculate something, we can always find a 24-hour Fitness, and it’s not like that overseas. It’s a huge difference. So if it’s set that Alexander is fighting overseas, no, I don’t want to fight Alexander Gustafsson.”

Now Cormier did add that ultimately it’s not up to him, and that he’s just “putting out what I would prefer”, but this could be a serious roadblock to the fight. One would think Gustafsson is really looking forward to headlining a card in his own nation. “DC” also relayed that he’d like to fight Gustafsson around the same time Jones-Teixeira goes down, so that his title shot run remains on track.

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