UFC 166 tomorrow night should be a fascinating card, and not just because heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez will battle Junior dos Santos for a third time, but because it will be the last time Daniel Cormier fights above 205. After all, if not for the friendship of Velasquez and Cormier, if both men win their respective fights, the UFC would almost certainly tap “DC” for a title shot. ┬áCormier is the UFC ‘s #2 ranked heavyweight, has gone undefeated, and is ridiculously talented just like the champ. How good of a fight would that be?

Of course, unless something dramatic changes, it doesn’t look like Velasquez-Cormier is going to happen, but it is interesting to hear just how good the champion thinks “DC” is. While speaking to the media recently, here’s what Velasquez had to say about his AKA teammate (comments via MMA Junkie.com):

“I know I’ve been in harder fights with (Cormier) than I have in the cage,” Velasquez said. “There isn’t a tougher fight out there for me than him. I’m going against the best guy every day.”

No tougher fight huh? That’s some high praise. And what does Cormier think of training with the P4P contender?

“We spar hard at least once a week,” Cormier said. “And it sucks.”

“I know I won’t ever be on that bike by myself, because Cain will be there,” Cormier said. “I know I never have to worry about having a sparring partner, because Cain’s always going to be there.”

It’s going to be edge of your seat kind of night. If Cormier comes up short against Roy Nelson, it would certainly be a shocking way to end his run at heavyweight. Cormier is a big favourite on the betting lines in the -500 to -600 range.

UFC 166 will be hosted by Houston’s Toyota Center. Stay tuned to Caged Insider.com for all your UFC news.