More and more it’s looking like Jon Jones will get that fight with Alexander Gustafsson he wants, when the light-heavyweight champ returns from the mangled toe he incurred at UFC 159, but he also has Daniel Cormier in his sights.

Cormier made headlines and then some earlier this year by calling out Jones, and since he’s planning on moving to 205 pounds, it seems like the two are on a collision course. Jones took  to Twitter Friday during his trip to Moscow, and directed the following comment at the rising star:

Someone ask DC when his diet starts #Wolftickets

Note the interesting addition of “wolftickets”. Well, Cormier was apparently tipped off about the tweet right before he began a Q&A session with fans at a UFC 160 event, and here’s what the 34 year-old fighter had to say about it.

“I haven’t started cutting weight yet, but we can fight at 220 tomorrow if he wants,” Cormier told fans and UFC commentator Jon Anik.  “He can walk off the street, whatever he weighs now, and we can get in the Octagon. Let’s fight at any weight Jon, you and I.”

There you have it. Now, unfortunately, this fight probably won’t happen anytime soon. Jones will likely throw down with Gustafsson later this year, and Cormier has at least one more bout at heavyweight, which he’s said he’d like to book for the UFC on FS 1 in August. After those fights, it’s  anyone’s guess as to what will happen–the promotion could look to book Jones-Anderson Silva if all the chips fall right–but Jones-Cormier is a match-up that has to happen.

Photo Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports