Roy “Big Country” Nelson is known for eating massive shots to the dome in the heavyweight division and somehow refusing to go down. That can’t last forever though, as his upcoming opponent at UFC 166 Daniel Cormier reminds us.

“Every person, every tough guy you’ve ever seen fight, whether it’s in boxing or martial arts who is known for having a great chin — there’s an expiration date on that. There’s a number these guys can take. What if the last one from Stipe Miocic was the one that was one too many? Maybe the expiration date on Roy’s chin was up in Canada. Maybe mine are the ones he can’t take.”

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Cormier is mainly known for his Olympic level wrestling, but if you look back to his Strikeforce career, he knocked out former contender Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva’s lights out in Sept. 2011.

“I could use an impressive fight,” Cormier said. “For me, it would be great to go out and have the type of performance I expect out of myself.”

“If I have the type of performance I hope to have next week, I’m going to get up there and ask for (a title shot) again. I’m going to continue knocking on that door and hopefully someone answers it. If not, I’m going to ask for a real important fight in the 205-pound division.”

Should Cormier get past Nelson impressively as he plans, his next opponent could be the UFC light heavyweight champion. However, according to Cormier, Gustafsson is the real champion that he would like to fight.

“You know what, man, after the way Gustafsson fought him, I think the interest has gone down a little bit,” Cormier said, on a potential title fight against Jones.

“I think it’s all a matter of who can challenge Jon. When a guy looks so dominant, people look for a guy who can challenge him. I was that guy. Now Gustafsson is that guy.”

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