As expected, Cain Velasquez and Daniel Cormier did not announce ‘surprise! We’ll fight after all’ following their respective wins at UFC 166, and the latter is now headed to light-heavyweight. Although champion Jon Jones is committed to a bout with Glover Teixeira, and as a result, “DC’ didn’t call him out Saturday, obviously “Bones” continues to be on Cormier’s radar screen.

While Cormier will likely be booked to face a top contender at 205 next (and there’s talk he could face Alexander Gustafsson), chances are that at some point, the AKA fighter will throw down with Jones (title fight or not). Recently Cormier’s coach Javier Mendez appeared on “The MMA Hour“, and offered this take on how the undefeated fighter would do against Jones.

“I don’t think he’ll win (against Jones) easily, and I’m not 100-percent sure he’s going to win. I’m 100-percent sure that it’s going to be a hell of a fight and it’s going to be the biggest challenge of [Jones’] life. That I’m 100-percent sure of,” Mendez said.

“[Cormier’s] going to meet an individual who’s got the height and knows how to use it, knows how to use it really well. But what Jones is going to meet, he’s going to meet a wrestler like he’s never faced before. Someone of that level. Now Jones has got to be concerned about going on his back. He can’t be thinking about, ‘Okay, it’s going to be difficult to take me down.’ Now he’s 100-percent has a legit reason to be careful what he does, because he’s going to be on his back whether he likes it or not”

While Jones has faced experienced and accomplished wrestlers in the past like Ryan Bader and Chael Sonnen, Cormier’s wrestling skills are on another level. There’s no doubt that Jones-Cormier would be a compelling fight, especially since the two aren’t exactly fans of one another.

Of course, first things first, as Jones needs to get by Teixeira, and Cormier will need to score at least one win at 205 before getting tapped for a title fight. Gustafsson-Cormier certainly  seems like the fight to make no?

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