The news spread quickly of UFC featherweight kingpin Jose Aldo’s injury, as reported here at Caged Insider yesterday by Jim Genia.

The Brazilian’s title defense against rising star Conor McGregor, which is unquestionably one of the most anticipated bouts of the year, is in jeopardy.

In fact, it is said that Aldo, who has been generally recognized as the MMA world’s top featherweight for about six years — first in the WEC and then in the UFC — may not only be out of the UFC 189 event next month.

One of the top MMA journalists in Brazil, Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting, says he may be out until the Fall of this year.

Cruz offered a few details from Aldo’s trainer, Andre Pederneiras:

Regarding the nature of the rib injury — it is indeed a break, says Cruz, but we’re not sure how bad it is.

Evidently, we’ll learn Aldo’s fate today, after he speaks to medical professionals. So, either we’ll see Jose Aldo vs. Conor “The Notorious” McGregor next month in Las Vegas… or we won’t.

Will we see McGregor vs. someone else, then? Would the UFC risk a McGregor loss just to keep the momentum going?

Among the fighters lining up to take Aldo’s slot in a bout against McGregor is the last man to beat “The Notorious One” — fellow Irishman Joseph Duffy:

And then there’s UFC lightweight Nate Diaz… who, as he reminded us last week (“All these MF’ers are scared!”) is always ready for a fight. He tweeted his intention to fight McGregor, but then deleted the post.

Finally, there was this from featherweight contender Max Holloway, who has gone on a six fight winning streak since his decision loss to McGregor in 2013:

Just a call away… but the call may not be his to make. Stay tuned.