In case you haven’t heard, UFC superstar-in-the-making Conor McGregor will be challenging featherweight champ Jose Aldo for the belt. Well, to drum up some hype for that totally humdrum matchup (note: sarcasm), McGregor and Aldo are undertaking a media tour, and yesterday the Irishman was in Brazil to… I guess antagonize the natives and create a situation where bodyguards would actually have to die to get McGregor safely out of the country.

See the Instagram post below, with McGregor throwing darts at a photo of Aldo.

Some fighters suck at creating buzz for their fights, and some do pretty well. McGregor is an absolute master at it. When he eventually retires from the sport as an old, crass Irishman with a ton of scars, he’ll be able to make bank teaching seminars on “hyping”.