The rumor around the office water cooler is Conor McGregor has a big announcement to make after his UFC 205 fight is done, and according to reports, that announcement is…

…that he’ll be taking a year off.

Oh no! Our sport!

As per the British tabloid the Sun:

The Notorious is set to make a bombshell “left-field” announcement after next month’s lightweight title fight against Eddie Alvarez.

Speculation has been rife the 28-year-old Dubliner will make a major reveal following the New York show, after UFC boss Dana White admitted there were “other circumstances” involved behind the scenes.

Sources close to the MMA star said the featherweight champ has decided the time is right to settle down with long-term love Dee Devlin, 28.

Really, if anyone deserves to take a break, it’s McGregor, who’s single-handedly made Zuffa, Nate Diaz and himself rich with his skills in the cage and on the mic.