TMZ practices the worst kind of journalism.

Case in point: The video below, which features the cameraman ambushing featherweight champ Conor McGregor on the street and assailing him with questions. Sure, McGregor is a pretty well-known public figure at this point, and fair game for pics and questions, but there’s a point where the questions asked are worthless because the answers can publicly only be one thing.

When asked about wanting a rematch with Nate Diaz (who kicked McGregor’s ass at UFC 196), what the heck is the poor guy supposed to say? “No, he beat me up pretty badly, so I don’t want to fight him again.” No way can McGregor say that – really, he can’t say anything other than he’d love to fight Diaz again, because if McGregor does say something else, he risks damaging the image he’s worked so hard to create.

Anyway, McGregor says he’d love to take on Diaz again, and he’d be willing to have Justin Bieber in his corner.

I believe none of it.