There isn’t a lot of talk involved in the Philadelphia-brand of badass – you maybe have some words, and the disagreement concludes with either you snuffing out the other guy or he snuffs out you. However, there is apparently tons of talk when it comes to the Irish, and while the end result of violence, violence and violence may be the same, in between is a ton of insults and gamesmanship.

Such was the case with the UFC 205 press conference yesterday at Madison Square Garden, which featured a whole bunch of really good UFC fighters playing second fiddle to the spectacle that is Conor McGregor.

Oh my God it was awesome!

The obvious highlight was Jeremy Stephens taking a turn at the mic to say he’s the hardest hitter in the featherweight division and he could beat McGregor, and McGregor asking the audience, “Who the f*ck is that guy?”

The featherweight champ and the lightweight champ had some decent back and forth, but being a Philly guy, it was clear Eddie Alvarez is nowhere near the expert talker McGregor (or Nate Diaz) is.

Watch the highlights below.