Remember in the classic film “Rocky III” when the eponymous star Rocky Balboa was training for his first fight against Mr. T, and his training was riddled with distractions? Like, his gym was immaculate and bordered on being a disco, complete with gyrating women and whatnot? And then there was the other side of the coin, with Mr. T. training in a grungy basement, busting his ass and reducing himself to the kind of hungry animal that would eventually crush the hero when they met in the ring?

Remember all that?

Okay, now watch these installments of UFC Embedded. Pay close attention to the lifestyle of Conor McGregor, who made what was supposed to be a simple run at Jose Aldo’s UFC featherweight belt into an eagerly-anticipated bout of epic proportions. Sure, the Irishmen is now fighting Chad Mendes for an interim belt, but he’s still living that Rocky Balboa/Rocky III lifestyle, complete with massages and appearances on talk shows.

I just don’t know what’s going to happen at UFC 189 on Saturday. I just don’t know.