Honestly, when lightning strikes in the form of a dominant champ and a worthy challenger who can talk an eskimo into buying snow, it’s totally understandable that the UFC would do everything in their power to maximize the hype surrounding those two fighters’ impending bout. So yeah, there’s now a UFC 189 championship bout world tour underway, with featherweight king Jose Aldo and Irish upstart Conor McGregor traveling the globe to drum up interest in a clash that is probably bigger than anything else the sport has waiting in the match-up docket. And of course, to accompany that tour, a brand new UFC Embedded series!

In the video below, the first episode unfolds in Rio de Janeiro, where McGregor somehow finds an Irish bar in the Brazilian city (!), tosses his shirt into the audience, and acts like a madman.

Aldo’s life is much more subdued it seems, but when both men are thrust before a multitude of screaming/booing fans… you have to wonder if the champ is thankful for the sudden attention or if he just wants it to go away.

Watch. Enjoy. Get excited.