Bless his heart, Conor McGregor is doing his part to hype UFC 190, and he’s doing it in the most improbable way (for him, at least): he’s giving another fighter some props. In this instance, it’s female bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey who’s the recipient of the goodwill, and since Rousey is headlining a card in Brazil, stocked full of Brazilians and tailored to the Brazilian crowd, the pay-per-view event could use all the help it can get.

During an appearance on SI Now, the Irish interim champ was asked how he’d fare if he ever fought Rousey (Why? Why ask that question?). He was quick to praise her.

“I certainly would not like to end up in a tie-up with Ms. Rousey,” McGregor said. “I remember one time, I’d seen her and I greeted her and I said ‘what’s up champ?’ and we embraced. I swear on my life her back muscles were the solidest (sic) back muscles I’d ever felt in my life.”

“I thought if this lady was to get a hold of me she would throw me on my head in literally one second flat. So I would not like to engage in a clinch fight with Ronda.”

McGregor clarified, though, who he thinks would end up the victor.

“But make no mistake about it, I have my ways to win that fight too.”

So there you have it. McGregor is asked an asinine question, but he answers it well and probably helps UFC 190 sell a dozen more pay-per-view buys.

The video clip is below.